I am Alex Yatskov (officially Alexei, but I often go by just Alex), a Russian-born American computer programmer living in sunny Washington State. My interests include learning about new technology, contributing to open source, studying the Japanese language, and spending time outside.

I have over a decade of experience writing performance critical game engine code in C++, and I am highly effective in using Python and Golang for tool development and build automation. In addition to these languages, I have years of practice developing and interfacing applications using C# and .NET. I am currently enjoying learning how to apply JavaScript to building graphical web applications in order to better my understanding of what is possible with this exciting technology.

You can find me on the following networks:

Code for most of my projects is posted here.
Listing of all the games for which I am credited.
What games I play and how much I play them.
Mostly lurk, but sometimes post tidbits as well.

If you wish to contact me, please do so by emailing me at a…@foosoft.net.