I am Alex Yatskov, a Russian-born American computer program presently residing in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture. I am a graduate student in the Cyber Informatics master’s program at Keio University, where I’m conducting research in semantic search. My interests include learning new technology, studying the Japanese language, and spending time outside.

I have over a decade of experience writing performance critical code in C++, and I am effective in using Python and Golang for tool development and task automation. In addition to these languages, I have often used C# and Lua for several products throughout my time in the industry. I am currently focusing on using HTML5 and JavaScript to build and deploy web applications as part of my research project.

You can find me on the following networks:

Code for most of my projects is posted here.
Listing of all the games for which I am credited.
What games I play and how much I play them.
Mostly a lurker but sometimes post stuff too.

If you wish to contact me, please do so by emailing me at a…@foosoft.net.